Reflecting And Learning

It is now time to share your findings, review your action and results and gather your key learning. Here are some useful things you can do:
  • Write up your MIF findings and share them with relevant staff, partners and stakeholders involved, to enable internal reflections.
  • Reflect on the process: even if it went well, there are things that could be improved. A debrief meeting with the team involved can be useful to discuss what worked well, what challenges came up and what you would do differently next time. Also, from your reflective practice, what would you tell and teach others?
  • Consider how you will reapply the MIF at some future moment to refresh and update your findings and analysis.

Tell us about your experience!

Cool things you can do

Make a video
It is a fresh and visual way to let us know about your findings and learnings!
Write a post
Did you find something so exciting you cannot wait to share it? Be an inspiration to others and blog for our section Get Inspired!
Contact us
Do you have any questions about the MIF and toolkit? Do you want to share with us on how you’re using it in your own work? We welcome all questions, feedback and thoughts.